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really cool houses idea concept some really moody and inspirational work would love to renovate give tlc to this house and live there my favourite the abandoned house by calanais by stuart herbert, ready for a bit of diy love a little town at night isnt it sweet there are a few tricks to making this diy a success all to do with finding the perfect image, a week has passed since the outbreak the last couple of days reports coming from the emergency broadcast system described a quarantine zone a 150 mile radius circle centered on dead valley, the kids have been playing with these and the fairy houses all afternoon despite the fact that barbie in no way is going to fit into any of the houses

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instructions for a simple diy bee house the beauty of homemade bee houses is that you can use recycled or waste wood and logs and make them fairly cheaply, just wanted to say thank you for supplying such a great product i really enjoyed building it even though it took me three days and my 3 and a half year old girl emerson loves it

there is something about cardboard houses that i love so much its the private space in there where nobody can see you its the feeling of having your own home when you play home its probably all the little details that make it look so cute, 4 there are cat paw prints in the floor right outside the old supreme court chamber there is no explanation for this since all the stone was set before it arrived at the capitol but some think the paw prints are the ghost cat of the crypt, shelter the hobbit house this is a house i built for our family in wales it was built by myself and my father in law with help from passers by and visiting friends 4 months after starting we were moved in and cosy, valencia the third largest city in spain offers a great combination of city sun and beach with fantastic valencia beach villas to choose from and plenty of cool things to do valencia has a mix of old and new buildings giving it a real special feel of its own from medieval castles and towers

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