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mid century modern architecture homes idea concept midcentury design magazine midcentury home is an online magazine focused on sharing our passion for midcentury design and architecture we also cover modernist architecture to show how it influenced midcentury as well as contemporary architecture and design, midcentury modern architecture midcentury modern architecture together with inspiring and enjoyable midcentury houses is our focus we write about midcentury and contemporary architecture that represents modernist values as we believe that good architecture must be accessible to everyone and speak to people like the projects we collect , mid century modern homes honesty of materials was typical and the structural system was often visible said cory buckner a los angeles architect and the author of a new book crestwood hills the chronicle of a modern utopia about a community of midcentury modern homes in the bay areaall about midcentury , midcentury modern is an architectural interior product and graphic design that generally describes mid20thcentury developments in modern design architecture and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965

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home home designs mid century modern mid century modern sweeping horizontal lines elegant floating roof shapes expansive sections of glass slim linear details and rendered sections in fresh white come together to create todays response to the midcentury modern classics, midcentury modern mcm is the design movement in interior product graphic design architecture and urban development from roughly 1945 to 1975

defining features of midcentury modern architecture most midcentury modern homes showcase three predominant characteristics a clean minimalist aesthetic an emphasis on bringing the outdoors in and the presence of angular structures, los angeles mid century modern homes for sale mid century modern architecture was born from modernism designers and artists in the movement sought to bring homeowners closer to nature through simplicity and lots of natural light, while commonly associated with floortoceiling windows and exposed beams midcentury modern actually refers to a range of home styles built from 1940 to 1975, if houses reflect the times they were designed midcentury modern is the architecture of ideas created by those who believed the forwardlooking style could be a vehicle for social change to create a better society

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