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harvestcraft wiki idea concept harvestcraft wiki is a wiki for information strategies and news related to the mod harvestcraft of minecraft this is a collaborative community website that anyone including yourself can edit, pams harvestcraft is a mod by matrexsvigil that was originally included by jadedcat in magic farm modpack the mod adds different seeds plants and new food items that can be found in the world eaten by players and crafted using specific recipes, food is one of the main features of harvestcraft food is divided into several subcategories these are most of the foods based on harvest craft top tier food is marked as dark orange

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pams harvestcraft is a mod by matrexsvigil that introduces tons of new plants seeds and other things of the like into the players world it also alters certain mechanics related to farming in vanilla minecraft to suit the mod better, this section is part of the harvestcraft mod by matrexsvigil rhodox honey it an item added by the harvestcraft mod and can be obtained by placing a honeycomb in a presser, this page has a list with all 662 documented food items from the pams harvestcraft mod all items are displayed with the amount of hunger points they restore as well as their saturation value

mustard seeds are a harvestcraft crop they are found when harvesting herb gardens or can be purchased through the market placing mustard seeds in the crafting grid will give a mustard seed, onion hamburger is a large meal that fills 8 hunger 4 shanks and 21 saturation in previous versions it filled 10 hunger 5 shanks and 10 saturation, life in the woods minecraft modpack unofficial wiki is a fandom games community

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